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Selling your home involves much more than just placing a "For Sale" sign in your yard and signing a contract. It takes proper home preparation, knowledgeable market research, and persistent protection of your interests. You need a professional team experienced in every aspect of the process with a proven track record of success. The Utah Home Selling Team.

5 Key Home Selling Factors

What are the key factors that determine IF you home will sell and for how much:

Condition - Only 3 things you can do to your home that virtually guarantee 100% or more of your money gained in value back (unless the property is falling apart completely, of course): thorough professional deep clean (inside AND outside), carpet & paint update (if dirty and older than 5 years), and your front door area. The next 2 important condition areas to make great are clearing out HALF OF EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE - literally - and ... actually that's it. Taking care of these areas will bring extra thousands of dollars and eager buyers.

Financing – Since over 60% of primary residences are being bought by an FHA or VA loan, it makes sense to have a property that can bought using one of those. Does your home pass their criteria? In addition to the type of lending, interest rates influence strongly buyer's ability to buy and market demand. With interest rates on the rise, buyer's price qualifications drop and values tend to match that. Are interest rates rising or falling right now?

Price – You don't want to give away money yet to price high means extra time on the market. See the next factor for the negatives on that. The right strategy will get you top dollar AND get you where you want to go when you want to be there.  What happens when it's done right? A bidding war which drives the price up and increases the likelihood that the buyer will stay with the contract. That’s what we do best!

Time – A home that sits on the market longer than 30 days gains 2 things you DON'T WANT: a stigma that something "must" be wrong with it and multiple price drops to overcome that. An additional BAD BONUS is that you are tied to that property longer than you want to be, right?

Marketing – Obviously your home won’t sell if no one knows about it. Since 94% of all buyers start and maintain their home search on the internet, maximum exposure begins there, but definitely doesn’t end there. And the first time the buyers see your home will be most likely the photos - the home better be detailed ready and photographed professionally...NOT with a cell phone. There is only one first impression. The photos AND getting it in front of people are what will get you top dollar fast.

The Utah Home Selling Team knows and does what it takes to get YOU the most money for their home in the least amount of time and hassle. If these things are important to you, it’s time to put us to work.

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"From the moment we signed with Heather Smith, we felt confident that she was in charge of every situation and she always seemed a couple steps ahead of the game.  She consistently went the extra mile and kept us informed of everything she was doing to sell our home.  She gave us an accurate and honest assessment of current housing market trends and set the stage to sell our home quickly to keep us from chasing the downward housing trend. Heather's realistic approach and keen sense of how the current recession is effecting the housing market, backed by intensive research tailor-made for our home gave us a clear picture of what to expect with any decision we made.  We felt we could make informed decisions on price, staging, updgrades, incentives and other issues related to the sale of our home.  We at one point considered doing a for sale by owner, but as we worked with Heather, we soon realized that trying to sell ourselves would have been a big mistake, given the countless market nuances we would have to take into account.  We would enthusiastically recommend Heather to anyone wanting to sell their home."    

Chris & Gale Dupre


"Extraordinarily, I've never met Heather Smith in person. But the impact she's had on my life has been phenomenal. Residing in Oklahoma, my family unexpectedly discovered that my 89-year-old grandmother was hospitalized and could no longer provide for her physical and mental needs. We needed to move her from Ogden, Utah, to Oklahoma as quickly as possible. God graced us with Heather Smith. Heather, having a grandmother of her own in an assisted living center, related to our situation and empathized with the emotional state and extraordinary circumstance we were in. She stepped up to the demands necessary to sell a house riddled with mold, foundation leaks, and plumbing issues, and did so in a way that was professional and amenable. She turned what could have easily been a complicated and drawn-out affair into a pleasurable business transaction that left us feeling confident, assured, and thrilled that we were able to sell my grandmother's home at a competitive price and in record time. I will always be grateful to Heather, for she was an integral component in bringing my family together, giving us peace of mind during our time in distress, and blessing us with her knowledge, experience, and personal relationship."

Michelle Turdo, Norman, OK


"We cannot recommend Heather Smith highly enough! Last Spring, we signed with Heather after talking to a number of agents. What immediately struck us about her was the way she sat us down and walked us through the process of buying our first home. While other agents just seemed concerned about getting our signatures on paper, Heather informed us of our rights, possible frustrations, and key things we should watch for while searching for a house. Her attention to detail and professionalism filled us with confidence so we chose her and never looked back. Aside from having an absolute eagle-eye for trouble items, like a recessed spot on a roof or noise levels from nearby streets, Heather made house hunting fun. It was clear that she always had our interests at heart and she helped us keep our perspective when we encountered some major disappointments. She never showed us a house that didn’t suit our needs and she never pushed us toward making a bid unless we were passionate about the property. In the end, Heather helped us find our dream home that  was just the right size and fit our aesthetic. We have family moving into the area in the next year and we are taking them straight to Heather to find a home!"        

~ Josh Thoemke & Rebecca Marcotte